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Stretching an Image Without Distortion

I have Photoshop open most of the day and yet, when I need to stretch a photo to fill the entire slide, I almost always use this hack directly in PowerPoint to make it happen without actually distorting the photo.

This also works great when converting a 4:3 presentation to 16:9.

Above is a quick video tutorial on how to do it!

Check out my YouTube Channel for this and more presentation hacks and tutorials.


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Bring PowerPoint Down to Size with Proper Compression


In advance of another webinar I’ll be doing for PresentationXpert on February 15, 2017 focusing on the use of imagery in presentation, I answered a quick reader’s question on how best to bring PowerPoint files down to size through compression. Take a read here to discover how the pros do it—and no, it’s not by using the built-in Microsoft tools!

And don’t forget to sign up for the free webinar: Using Imagery to Create Powerful, Impactful Presentation Stories.

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Open Vector Maps For Detailed Vector Maps



I just ran across a cool project called Open Vector Maps which provides detailed and free vector maps.

They do request donations for commercial use. Unfortunately, the map I needed was yet available, but they’re growing. Check them out!

And don’t forget that PresentYourStory subscribers get access to a whole page of goodies including my stock image and graphic resource list that I try to keep updated.

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Camera Photographing Traveling Digital Tablet Map Concept

RawPixel is a new free stock imagery site on the scene. True to name, it’s a little raw at the moment with no search, limited selection and an unexplained hint at “premium” images that presumably will turn the site into a freemium model similar to DeathToTheStockPhoto. Like a lot of new small sites, the curation leans more to a hipsterish vibe (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) and a simplified user agreement basically letting you do what you want with the content short of reselling or otherwise exploiting it.

Take a look!


And stay tuned for an upcoming Presentation Podcast all about stock imagery. You’re all listening to and rating the Presentation Podcast on iTunes, right…?

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Using Stock Imagery Like the Pros via Presentation Xpert



Before the internet and e-commerce sites, the world of stock photography was an intimidating and wallet-draining world of printed catalogs and rights-managed images with few suppliers— Getty Images and Corbis being the two biggest. Royalty-free imagery that could be bought outright and used in most any situation was a significant advance, although initially, it was still quite costly.

These days, there are hundreds of sources for stock photography at all price levels—even for free—so, you have few excuses for using low resolution, cheesy or outright stolen imagery.

Click here to read my whole article on Presentation Xpert…

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