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About Some of These Files…

16:9 & 4:3 Grids: Pre-made grids for use in creating professionally constructed presentations.

Assorted PowerPoint Assets: Iconography, editable maps and other plug ‘n play PowerPoint elements

Logos: A painstakingly assembled collection of PNG corporate, non-profit and media logos. Note: this collection is not currently being updated, so some logos may be outdated.

Persuasive Presentation Structure WorksheetSimple guidance for creating a well-structured presentation.

PowerPoint Customization QAT: If you’re not using a customized QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) in PowerPoint, you’re not working efficiently. Here is my customized QAT which you can import into your workspace. (PC only)

Proportional Shape Calculator: A simple calculation tool for creating proportional shape charts in Excel or PowerPoint.

Stock Imagery Resources: A jam-packed list of resources for stock imagery, logos, icons and more. Now with hyperlinks!

Talk TimePowerPoint Add-in that manages your total presentation length by letting you assign  or auto-record delivery times for individual slides and sections. More information from co-developer YouPresent can be found here.

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