• Data Points: Visualization That Means Something
    Data Points: Visualization That Means Something


When Simple = Juvenile = Effective


Yesterday I had a structural carpenter come out to our house to look at a small issue we needed taking care of. This guy came highly recommended, and I couldn't have been more impressed. He's apparently the go-to guy in this area for this type of work, and it was clear he knew what he was talking about.

Then he handed me his card, and I was taken aback by the seemingly juvenile stick figure drawing. I'm used to seeing poorly designed business cards and in this day and age, and I actually I think they are far less important then they used to. (For the community in which this guy works, I think his Facebook page probably gets him far more work than his business card.) But still, I kept thinking that this guy needs a better calling card. Literally.

Then I showed it to my wife (who knows a thing or two about design and marketing), and this was her response:

"Doesn't it tell you exactly what he does?"

I had no argument. And instantly, this juvenile stick figure drawing (maybe it actually was drawn by his kid which would be adorable) on the business card of a very successful expert has become one of my favorite examples of effective simplicity.

In just a few pen strokes, here's a visual story that says: "I reinforce and make houses structurally sound." 

But it probably wouldn't be a good card for a professional illustrator...


PresentationXpert Roundtable

The recent online roundtable I partcipated in on the state of the presentation industry. Courtesty of the awesome folks at PresentationXpert.


Three Minute Thesis

Think you can't possibly present your entire business idea in a few minutes like your boss has asked? Take a look at the Three Minute Thesis project from the University of Queensland and see how PhD candidates (not known for their conciseness to begin with) manage to communicate their theses in just 180 seconds.

H/T to Rob Nachum for this!

Here's one of the 2014 winners...




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50 Brand Style Guides

I'm a sucker for good brand guidelines. Here are 50 great examples compiled by Canva.

Love Jamie Oliver's!