• Data Points: Visualization That Means Something
    Data Points: Visualization That Means Something


Office 2016 for Mac Preview

Microsoft surprised everyone by releasing a preview of the forthcoming Office 2016 for Mac today. It's free for everyone during this test period and until official release, but does require Yosemite. The biggest change users will notice is the radical change in interface to bring the apps inline with Office 2013 for the PC and the iOs suite. In other words: orange and white and a love of formatting sidebars.

PowerPoint sports a handful of new features including an updated Presenter View and animation painter. But don't go looking for anything ground-breaking in this update.

One thing that is very welcome is Microsoft's in-app feedback button that allows users to send instant feedback directly to the Office team (and yes, feedback gets read by real people at Microsoft HQ very quickly.)

In case you're worried, yes you can run Office 2016 alongside Office 2011 and switch back and forth. File format remains unchanged, so files saved in 2016 will still open in 2011. Download it here.


Upcoming Speaking and Training Events

Webinar for American Management Association - March 19

This will be my first of a number of upcoming projects and trainings with the AMA. "Creating Visual Presentations" will be a regularly offered 90 minute webinar, and the first session is March 19th. Every webinar includes plenty of Q&A, so if you can't register for this one, keep checking AMA's site for future times.

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Mirren Live New Business Conference - May 5-6

On May 6th, I'll be returning to speak at this annual conference dedicated solely to agency new business. Each year Mirren brings together top names from the biggest creative agencies in the country for two days of sessions that cover everything from prospecting to creative execution to compensation with a whole lot of case studies and endless networking thrown in.

In my session, 5 Principles for Transforming Your Pitch Deck, I'll again discuss how agencies can make their pitches more effective and more visual.

The conference always sells out, so register now and save $300 before April 3rd.

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Presentation Summit - September 27-30

My favorite event of the year will now be in one of my favorite cities in the country! For those of you who always remain undecided, this is the year to attend. The only conference dedicated to presentation in the world, the Summit gathers together the top people in the business. If your business involves presentation and PowerPoint, this is your conference. And did I mention New Orleans?

Register early and use the code NH75 for a special discount for my readers.

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PresentationXpert - October 21

Stay tuned for more information on my next completely free webinar for PresentationXpert on October 21st... 

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The above are just my public appearances and trainings, of course. My calendar is already filling up for the year with speaking and training engagments in Colorado, California, Minnesota, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts. If your organization is interested in customized presentation, data visualization and speech coach training, drop me a line!


Vince Vaughn Stock Photos

Idiotic stock photography courtesy of iStock and Fox Pictures' upcoming movie, Unfinished Business. H/T to AdWeek. And download them direct form iStock here.




Mashing together two copyrighted names and adding in a healthy heaping of Second City, it's PechaFlickr: Select a topic, then improv a 6 minute, 40 second PechaKucha.


Enhanced SOTU 2015

Many of you know that I'm a big fan of a little-noticed addition our President has made to the age-old tradition of the State of the Union address. The White House has recognized the visual, media-hungry, short attention span society we have become and has responded by adding slides to the President's annual address of Congress and the nation.

No, there are no screens behind the President, and if you watch on TV, you won't see the slides. But if you watch online in real-time or afterward, you can view the Enhanced State of the Union that includes composite video of the President and a sidebar of vertical visuals (slides) that hit key points of the President's speech.

As usual, not every slide is perfect (really, they have got to lose the red text over blue backgrounds...), but I have noticed the visuals getting better each year. And what I noticed most of all this time was an increased use of imagery. The slides continue to become simpler and more effective for communicating their message in fractions of a second.

And if you just want to view the slides, they are on SlideShare.