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    The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations


TED Camp

Courtesy of this week's New Yorker...


Google Slides comes to iPad and iPhone

Google Slides, the ever anemic, that's-it?, "competitor" to PowerPoint and Keynote has finally released an iOS app. 

At least you can import PowerPoint files, but so far the 1.0 version still seems miles behind Office for the iPad.


Webinar Alert: Presenting the Story of Your Data


I don't give many webinars or trainings that are open to the public, but next month I will be presenting an online session as part of Ellen Finkelstein's Outstanding Presentations Workshop.

Presenting the Story of Your Data
with Nolan Haims
Tuesday, September 9th 2pm EST/ 11am PST 

The hour-long session will expose you to a portion of what is fast becoming my most popular client training. If you're like most organizations out there, you face daily challenges of how to communicate increasing amounts of data clearly and effectively using your everyday desktop tools of Excel and PowerPoint. 

We'll cover how to identify and deliver the meaning of your numbers and not just the numbers themselves. Here's just a little of what we'll address:


  • Picturing numbers without charts
  • Leveraging the "McKinsey Rule" in your chart titles and headers
  • How to add emphasis and use color effectively
  • Why you want to avoid legends at all costs
  • Why you lie to your audiences everytime you use a 3D pie chart (just like in that wonderful stock image above...)
  • Simplification and elimination of "chart junk"
  • Typical charting pitfalls to avoid


I am actually kicking off this year's series of Outstanding Presentations Workshops. Following me through the end of October is a wonderful group of presentation experts, professionals and trainers. To check out the entire lineup and to register at the ridiculously low early-bird rate of just $10 for access to all sessions, click here. Prices go up slightly September 4th!

* * *

And don't forget that you can also hear and see me speak at this year's Presentation Summit in October in sunny San Diego. I'll be giving the opening keynote presentation on my favorite topic—"Simplicity"—as well a breakout session on the "Secrets of a Professional Presentation Designer." Spots are still open!


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Front Page

You know, the easy thing to do with this data would have been to make a bunch of bar charts, pie charts, bullet graphs, sized shapes, or something...

But there's something about forcing the reader to spend more time examining these numbers that I like...

h/t to ThinkProgress.


Feltron 2013

Just ordered my Feltron 2013 here